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Sand Delivery near Calgary

Completing bulk orders of sand and gravel is the name of the game here at McNair Sand & Gravel Ltd! Whether you require a big load to complete your municipal construction project, or you need just enough for the play area in the backyard, our staff can accommodate your requests in a swift, efficient manner. If you know exactly what you need, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s okay too. We have the experience to accurately predict just how much sand you will need for the work. We’re also equally adept at advising everyone from professional contractors to novice do-it-yourselfers on the best product to use. Every project is a special project in our book, and the staff at McNair Sand & Gravel Ltd remains invested in your success.

Our selection of sand products includes:

        2mm screened sand

        3mm screened sand

        5mm washed concrete sand

        Bedding sand

        Winter sand

        Other grain sizes are available; please contact us to inquire

Our sand products are available either screened or washed. Let us know your purpose and preferences. Email us today! We’re here Monday through Friday to handle all requests.

All Inquiries Welcome

Getting the right aggregate is critical for the completion of your work. We can help!

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