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Gravel Products for Construction, Landscaping and DIY (Do it Yourself), Professionals

Not all gravel is equally suited for the task at hand. Whether you're placing paving stones in your driveway, putting a base under bins, or you're commencing work on Alberta roads, McNair Sand & Gravel offers the products and services you need to address your compacting issues and aesthetic considerations. With our vast supply of aggregates and deep knowledge base, we are quite capable of supplying all landscaping outfits, oilfield personnel, and construction companies with the materials they use. From rip rap to pit run, the right choice of rock can really make the difference on your next assignment. Stop by during the week to collect what you need, or save your time and energy and allow us to deliver our gravel right to your doorstep! At McNair, your preference is our command!

We sell the following types of gravel for commercial and residential customers alike:

        20mm road crush

        25mm road crush

        40mm road crush

        50mm road crush

        10mm screened or washed rock

        20mm screened or washed rock

        40mm screened or washed rock

        Armour stone

        Rip rap

        Bank pit run

       Clay fill

        Screened loam

        Gyro rock

Establish a strong base by connecting with the right team. McNair Sand & Gravel Ltd is your qualified resource for rocks, gravel, and sand in the Beiseker and Southern Alberta area. Contact us to get started.

Pile of gravel

All Inquiries Welcome

Getting the right aggregate is critical for the completion of your work. We can help!

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